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About Us

As a business formed with the idea of making otherwise hard to find Chinese sourcing services a simple procedure, Find it in China has been formed around the ideologies and passions of an ownership with more than a decade of experience in trading through China. 

Having been dealing with Asian companies since the early 2000s, founders Lee Crowhurst and Peter Huang have been delivering a service which has grown, improved and changed over the years to fit with the ever changing demands and requirements of the public.

Whatever it is that you may need to find from Chinese sourcing, you will find that Find it in China has the means.

This is because Lee and Peter have spent many years creating a fine list of trustworthy and well respected OEM suppliers in China to maximize quality and to guarantee that it all comes across in the finest possible standard and style. 

You can trust Find it in China as a perfect mix between Chinese quality and style with British values in service speed, quality and professionalism.

In short, you are working with a Chinese sourcing company that understand what they need to do and when they need to do it; this has led to an ever-expanding list of sourcing services with over one hundred products ready to be used and delivered as and when they are needed.

This means that maintaining low costs is easier than ever with Find it in China as we produce simple and easy Chinese sourcing services that reduce cost, reduce time and greatly boost productivity as well as accuracy within each line of the product which has been released and improved here.

One thing which will always stay a true part of the philosophy and development of Find it in China though, is the fact that we maintain low costs throughout. No matter what we sell or what it takes to get there, we always look to provide elite value levels that will totally minimize the risk and the challenge that comes with managing this kind of business.

Now, clients can rely upon a company which has been built to ensure that the clients get the kind of help that they need, ensuring that successful trading links and information can be put together with ease. Got any questions about Find it in China? Then don’t hesitate to contact us HERE for more details! 

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